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Get Tax Relief with Rink and Robinson CPAs

Rink and Robinson Certified Personal Accountants and Consultants hear frequently how stressed folks are over tax audits. We completely understand! Tax season is a stressful time, and we get why you might be a little uneasy. An IRS audit can be incredibly difficult to deal with. When it comes to IRS audits and tax relief, Rink and Robinson is the accounting firm you can trust to get you out of a rut.

When you get that letter in the mail from the Internal Revenue Service stating you are being audited, your first step should be to decide whether you need professional help. There are many reasons you could be audited. The IRS has a computer system that can pick up on outlying data, such as above average withholdings. Your 1099s, W2s or cash wages not matching your report could raise a red flag with the IRS. You could even just be a victim of random selection for IRS audits.

Sometimes people choose to handle audits by themselves, and that is perfectly fine. When you decide that you need professional help with your tax relief, we are here for you. Auditors know how to get information from you that you are under no obligation to give. They can be intimidating and get more money from you than you need to give. Our CPAs at Rink and Robinson know how to get you out of that and can be the difference between being in the red or green.

Don’t fall prey to the IRS and make sure you don’t wait too long to have your audit taken care of. Rink and Robinson CPA will be your go to for years for any tax relief services you will run into. Call us today to see how we can best help you during this tax season.

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