Client Portal Instructions

Client Portal Overview

As our valued client you will have access to our portal.  You will receive a secure email from our staff member with a link attached to transfer information to and from our office.   The portal offers a seamless transition of documents 24 hours a day seven days a week. What does the portal offer?

Using the portal you can:
• Send messages to each other – just like email, but more securely
• Upload documents for you to access and download to your device
• Request and receive documents from you
• Send documents to and from for signatures

The process is simple.  It’s like an email on steriods but much faster and more secure than using standard unsecure email or the post office.


Once you speak with our staff member, they will send an email to you.  The email will arrive looking like this in your inbox. Click the link similar to the example below:

The next window will open looking like this, but it will have your name. 
IT Portal
has shared client portal access to the “your name” account with you.
To join, click the blue button:
Click here to view the portal“.   Make note of your temporary password!


After Clicking on the blue portal tab as seen above, the window below will appear.
You will enter your email address with the temporary Password:  The system will later allow you to create your own password.  Now select the  Sign In button.


Once you sign in with your email and temporary password, the screen below will pop up.
Now create your new password.  Please write down your password and place in a secure location.


Now you are in the system and you should see the menu below!


After the inital portal access setup, call us for assistance on how to send and receive documents.  If you need help with the original setup, please call our staff.  Once you are establised, then you can send  documents securely to our office and we can do the same by sending documents to you for signatures, forms, etc.  The portal system is a great way to save time and money.  When the government requires signatures all documents can be sent to you via the portal and returned to us via the portal.  No more interruptions to drive to our location to conduct business when having this technology.