Litigation Support

Since 1956, the CPA firm of Rink and Robinson, PLLC has provided independent consulting services to attorneys for litigation support. Located in Western North Carolina, our services know no boundaries. Services include but are not limited to analysis of data, calculations and formulations of projections required to assist in the discovery process, depositions, and trial testimony.

Our Litigation Support Services Include:

Business Valuations  Business Valuations

  • Closely Held Operating Entities
  • Professional Entities including Law Firms and Medical Practices
  • Discounts for Minority Interests, Lack of Marketability and Other Factors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Matrimonial Matters    Divorce & Separation

  • Property Divisions
  • Child Support Calculations
  • Alimony Calculations
  • Asset Tracing

Damage Claims in Commercial and Personal Injury Cases

  • Lost Profits
  • Diminution in Value
  • Analysis of Security Transactions including Yield Analysis and Comparison to Established Investment Alternatives
  • Determination of Losses of Past and Future Earning Capacity


  • Fraud Investigations
  • Operational and Statistical Analysis
  • Income Tax Consequences
  • Mitigation Effect
  • Estate and Gift Taxes

The method of presentation for mediation, arbitration, or trial purposes is an essential element of the service we provide. Accordingly, we present our findings in a concise and easily understood manner using the latest in computer technology.