Nonprofit Accounting & Consulting

Rink & Robinson, PLLC has provided audit, accounting, and consulting services to nonprofit organizations for over  50 years. Established in Hickory, North Carolina, we extend our expertise to those in need at any location. We understand the unique strategic, financial, operational, and regulatory challenges that may affect the way you operate. We are most comfortable working as part of your organization to help you maximize financial efficiencies and allocate more to your mission.

Rink & Robinson, PLLC's dedicated nonprofit accountants have extensive experience with large and small tax-exempt organizations, and we take the time to understand the unique financial goals of each. The scope of our practice allows us to provide our nonprofit clients with recommendations based upon our knowledge and experience of many clients addressing similar issues.  Below are services that Rink & Robinson, PLLC professionals can provide to nonprofit clients:

Non- Profit Start-up

Organization Formation & Structure

  • Helping form nonprofit organizations
  • Assisting nonprofits apply for tax-exempt status
  • Financial Oversight – Consulting Services

Financial Oversight

  • Assessing accounting systems & record keeping
  • Assisting nonprofits’ financials  & evaluating performance
  • Performing Reviews & Compilations
  • Assessing Controls & Fraud Prevention

Tax Compliance & Consulting

  • Preparing applications for tax-exempt status
  • Preparing annual non-profit tax return filings
  • Preparing annual unrelated business income tax return filings