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Retirement Planning

Rink & Robinson, PLLC has researched a multitude of critical retirement planning topics — techniques to supercharge retirement savings with catch-up contributions, how to create and live within a realistic budget, the best ways to safeguard one’s estate, and more. In the process we amassed a remarkable collection of financial strategies, checklists and to-do items to help guarantee a safe, secure and comfortable retirement.  The following is just a sample of what is needed to be successful in planning for your retirement.

  • Calculate how much money you’ll need
  • Create a foolproof plan to reach your financial goal
  • Invest wisely so you never run out of money no matter
    how long you live
  • Slash taxes and keep more of your money in your pocket
  • Create an income stream
  • Maximize your lifetime benefits from Social Security
  • Fill an income gap with the best annuity for you
  • Get the best health care at the best cost
  • And much more…..

Preserving your wealth is not a simple tactic.  The Internal Revenue Service plans to take a chunk from your retirement unless you wisely plan ahead.

Retirement Planning



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