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Internal Revenue Service Audit Relief

This tax season, you may be worried about getting audited. Trust us when we say you aren’t alone. An Internal Revenue Service audit is no joke. It can be stressful and costly and take too much time away from your family and business. When you get that audit in the mail, we know how you are feeling. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of dealing with an audit, call Rink and Robinson Certified Public Accountants and Consultants.

There are many reasons why one could be. When our clients ask us why they have been audited, we tell them it could be one, or a few, different reasons. If your 1099, W-2 forms, or cash wages don’t match what you reported, it could be a red flag for the IRS. Another reason you could be audited is if your report involves transactions with another party being audited. The IRS has computer programs that can also flag unusual data on reports, such as above average withholdings or deductions. It’s also entirely possible that you could be audited from random selection.

Sometimes when you receive that Internal Revenue Service audit letter, it could just mean you need to collect more supporting documents. Many people decide to try to handle the audit themselves, which is fine. We are here to help you through your audit to reduce your stress and keep you out of debt. Auditors are trained to get information from you that you are not obligated to tell. Don’t let the IRS intimidate you.

If you are in a tax bind and need some peace of mind, let the CPAS at Rink and Robinson speak for you. We promise to be the accounting firm you can trust to get you through your audit in one piece. Call us today to see if we are a fit for you.

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