Hiring a Certified Public Accountant


Hiring a Certified Public AccountantThe services of a Certified Public Accountant may be somewhat more expensive than preparing them on your own, but in many cases well worth the money spent.  People who need strategic tax planning such as small business owners or individuals with complex returns, those who pay high income taxes, or have unusual circumstances appreciate the services of a CPA over an enrolled agent or general tax preparer.  You would think that filing your taxes would be very black and white, but where CPAs really provide value is in grey areas.  They give advice on which tax strategies to take or not to take based on their interpretation of IRS rulings and past experience.

Hiring a Certified Public Accountant is best for small and large business owners, real estate investors, individuals who may be subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and people who have complex tax situations.  A CPA will also represent you in an audit before the IRS so you don’t have to go it alone.

Rink & Robinson, PLLC are certified public accountants who assist, consult and review your current tax situation.  With a simple review and a no charge consult, the professionals at Rink & Robinson, PLLC can easily provide quick advice and determine whether or not you need their assistance.
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