IRS Forms and State Forms

Rink & Robinson, PLLC provides easy access to people who are in need of all types of IRS Forms and State Forms. Our Resource link provides a free service to assist anyone who simply needs to locate a tax form. By using our Quick link, you can directly login to the Internal Revenue Service website. There are IRS forms, links to obtain information about your IRS refund, and IRS contact information. Not only do we offer tax preparation, but our staff provides assistance to those who need assistance in their own tax preparation. Sometimes a quick answer, a tax form question or a contact person is all that is required to help someone on their way in processing their own return. We also provide Quick links to those who need other forms like: NC 4’s, W2’s, I-9’s, 1099’s, W4’s, etc. If you need help filling out your 1040ez, a 1099 or another other IRS forms, contact Rink & Robinson, PLLC for assistance.

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