Customer Service Promise

Just to state we offer “Great Customer Service” are empty words on paper.  Providing value added customer service is what Rink & Robinson, PLLC strives to do on a daily basis.

What you can expect from Rink & Robinson, PLLC:

  • Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm
  • Phone calls are answered by a live person 8am- 5pm Monday thru Friday
  • Additional hours -Saturdays 9am – 5pm (during tax season)
  • Appointments available after hours
  • Phone calls returned within 24 business hours
  • Emails answered promptly
  • Client-friendly portals
  • Complimentary resources resources
  • Qualified staff member always ready and willing to assist

Rink & Robinson, PLLC strives to:

  • Understand and listen to what our customers consider to be good customer service
  • Take the time to find out our customers’ expectations & meet them
  • Follow up on all feedback we receive
  • Ensure that customer service is in all aspects of our business

We simply want all of our clients to know they are extremely important to us.  We genuinely value our relationships.  Although we enjoy the compliments we receive, we also encourage client feedback and appreciate constructive criticism. Quite simply,  don’t tell us what we want to hear, tell us what we need to hear so we can remedy the problem.  For those reasons, we encourage you to contact us.

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    The best compliments are clients who have patronized our firm since our inception in 1956.
    Michael E. Rink